Sparkassen und Institutionelle

Institutional investors

SaarLB is a strong partner to institutional investors. Pension and support funds, insurance companies, state employee benefit providers and other financial intermediaries, banks, investment institutions and building societies have been consulting us for many years.

We provide support and advice on all aspects of investment. Our advice is based on jointly agreed investment targets, the customer’s risk-bearing capacity and knowledge of additional conditions which apply. The first step entails establishing a strategic asset allocation regardless of products and providers. In the next stage we present you with various strategic asset allocation possibilities and explain the basic investment management options.

If you are contemplating direct investment, our experienced team comes highly recommended as a partner on the money and bond markets. We act flexibly and independently in the interests of our customers. We have actively represented our customers on the money and bond markets for several decades, in the course of which we have developed in-depth knowledge of the product range and distinctive features, the issuers and the needs of institutional investors.

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