Ratings provide a clear indication to investors of the security of an investment in terms of the risk of default and represent a valuable and easily applied aid in deciding on investments.
The international rating agencies Moody's and Fitch Ratings accord SaarLB good credit ratings:

Long Term Issuer Default RatingA-, stable
Short Term Issuer Default RatingF1
Viability Ratingbb+
Derivative Counterparty RatingA- (dcr)
Public Sector PfandbriefeAAA, stable
As of:June 2019
Long Term Deposit RatingA1, stable
Short-Term Deposit RatingP-1
Long-term issuer rating (local currency)A1, stable
Short-term issuer rating (local currency)P-1
Long Term Counterparty Risk RatingA1
Short Term Counterparty Risk RatingP-1
Baseline Credit Assessmentba1
Adjusted Baseline Credit Assessmentbaa2
Counterparty Risk AssessmentA1 (cr)
As of:August 2018
Long-term ratingA
Short-term ratingR-1 (low)
As of:June 2019

Institute for Market, Environment and Society (imug)

SaarLB received a sustainability rating for bank loans from the imug (Institut für Markt-Umwelt-Gesellschaft, Institute for Market, Environment and Society).

The results are as follows:
Public-sector Pfandbriefevery positive
Mortage Pfandbriefepositive
Unsecured bondspositive

oekom Corporate Rating

oekom research AG analyses and evaluates the ecological and social performance of companies on the basis of a scientifically sound rating concept.

oekom research RatingC- 




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