Treasury is responsible for trading activities, the management of interest rate and liquidity risks, terms and conditions, the handling and refinancing of all transactions related to interest, the management of collateral portfolios and the Bank's Pfandbrief cover funds.

Funding and liquidity

  • Securing short-term liquidity and thus the Bank's solvency in euros and foreign currencies at all times
  • Operational collateral management 
  • Controlling of liquidity coverage ratio
  • Handling of correspondent bank accounts in euros and foreign currencies
  • Guarantee of efficient trading operations for executing client transactions and proprietary transactions
  • Trading in securities, foreign exchange, derivatives and money market products
  • Interbank trading in bonds and placement of bank's own issues

Asset/liability management

  • Controlling of bank's interest rate risk 
  • Controlling of bank's structural liquidity
  • Management of Pfandbrief cover funds
  • Calculation and handling of interest transactions
  • Central strategic collateral management of the bank
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Die deutsch-französische Regionalbank
La banque régionale franco-allemande