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Project Finance at SaarLB

Energy Finance / Renewable Energies

Today, renewable Energies such as wind, photovoltaik and biomass/-gas and an efficient use of energy based on modern process technology and advanced energy generation facilities are central to any sustainable strategy for energy supply in Europe.

SaarLB has been active in the field of energy and project finance since 2003, with a focus on renewable energy projects. Given our strategy as Franco-German Regional Bank, we have focussed our activities on mid-size, SME-type projects and customers in Germany and in France with project finance needs (non recourse financing) in the range of EUR 5.0 - 35.0 Mio. The majority of projects are wind farms, followed by larger PV plants.

In the light of

  • a very stable, investor friendly business environment in Germany and France
  • still quite attractive feed-in tariffs for renewable energy projects, especially for wind power
  • the advanced level of technological solutions available (commodities)
  • interesting refinancing programmes available in both markets, i.e. refinancing facilities offered by KfW group (e.g. KFW-Umweltprogramm)

the prospects for project developers, manufactures, investors and public players in the field of renewable energy finance remain bright.

For your project structuring and financing needs, our centre of competence at our headquarters in Saarbruecken with 10 dedicated bilingual experts (of French and German origin) will provide all the necessary expertise and manpower, derived from the over 100 projects we have structured in Germany and in France for German, French and International Customers.  This origination team is backed by a likewise bilingual team in risk office, a specialized in-house team of French lawyers and a dedicated network of external partners, allowing us to offer standard credit documentation – depending on client/project needs – under French and/or German law and in both languages.

Owing to these resources and know-how and our project track record in both markets, we believe that - especially for “cross-border” projects in France with different international parties involved - we are particularly well prepared for the structuring and financing of renewable projects and we would be delighted of hearing from you about your projects. 

Public Private Partnership

In addition to „classic“ project finance,  we are offering debt financing for Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in France on regular grounds, mainly focussing on public tender offers for small and medium sized regional projects (mainly infrastructure, building, energy) together with our private partners.

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