SaarLB – the Franco-German regional bank

If you want to be successful in the market, you have to know your markets. “At home in both markets” – this has been our official motto since 2007. And by “both markets” we mean Germany and France. Thanks to its many years of experience and profound understanding of these markets, SaarLB serves in the best sense as a financial bridge connecting the two countries.

Aside from the Saarland, our target markets are the bordering German state of Rhineland Palatinate, parts of Baden-Württemberg and neighbouring France, particularly the northeast and the Grand Est industrial centre. These are in fact our roots, because promoting the economy in these regions, in particular the SMEs, is not only our future-oriented mission: It is our tradition. We offer a wide range of products covering all the needs of a typical SME – from financing to investment management.

Our many years of experience in the French market is the reason we are so successful on both sides of the border today. As a Franco-German regional Bank, SaarLB is in a league of its own not only among public-sector banks but also German commercial banks. This is documented by the fact that it is the only German bank which, as a German legal entity, holds a French bank license.

We support German companies and investors in the French market and French companies and investors in the German market. What makes us strong are our

  • many years of experience in our neighbouring market
  • familiarity with and acceptance of French legal norms
  • knowledge of the customary business practices in both countries and understanding of the cultural differences
  • employees, who either have been raised speaking both languages or have acquired a proficiency in French.
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