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Investor and capital market information

You as our customer are the focal point for us.

We offer you professional advice on every aspect related to your assets. In our financial planning, we give very individual consideration to your personal wishes and goals.

The secret to success is understanding the other person’s point of view.

The most important thing for your assets is a proper structure. We will work together with you to find the right investment concept so that you can be relaxed about your future. Furthermore, we will show you how you can best protect yourself and your family from unforeseen events.

Customer information

Here you will find important information about investing in financial instruments. 

Customer information on transactions involving securities and other financial instruments
Conflict of interest policy
Information about the financial institution
Deposit insurance
General information on customer categorisation

Complaint policy of SaarLB

Underlying prospectuses, registration forms for covered bonds and other bonds, supplements can be found on ourInvestor Relations page.

Product information

Information about own issues and financial instruments is available here

Final terms for own issues
The relevant files can be found under Investor Relations

Key information documents for investments in interest rate and currency management products (KID)

Interest Rate Swap (Payer Swap)
Receiver Swap
Purchase of an Interest Rate Cap
Buying of an Interest Rate Floor

Our current key information documents are available in German.

Make the relevant selection to view the key information document for your chosen product, together with current performance scenarios.

For ease of understanding, we have provided four generic key information documents in French for our standard products. Please note that these are intended as reference documents only, and do not contain current up-to-date performance scenarios.

If you have any questions about these products or need a current, up-to-date key information document, please contact our client advisor Jerôme Ritzenthaler (telephone number 0049 681 383-4074). We would be happy to provide you with the details of these products in a personal consultation – get in touch!


TOP 5 reporting

Here you will find the five most important execution venues for all customer orders executed and each category of financial instruments, based on the trading volume in the previous year.

Top 5 reporting – retail customers 

Top 5 reporting – professional customers

Top 5 reporting – financing transactions in securities


Quality report

Here you will find a summary of the analysis and conclusions for each category of financial instruments. They are based on the close monitoring of the execution quality achieved for the execution venues where all customer orders were executed in the previous year.


The reports as well as the quality reports in German language can be found here 


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